Andrew Moszczynski Institute

Andrew Moszczynski Institute focuses on communicating knowledge about being an effective entrepreneur. Success in running a business is determined by many factors, including  well-developed soft skills.

AMI’s program of expertise is concerned with the development of competences such as: being brave, persistent, insightful, enthusiastic; being realistic, having an optimal self-esteem.  AMI also teaches how to develop the skills of making decisions, setting goals, planning, setting priorities, and being assertive.

Moreover, AMI focuses on the role of self-belief, taking initiative, nurturing a positive attitude, building trust in oneself and others as well as motivation to act.

These 16 attributes of a successful entrepreneur are covered by Andrzej Moszczynski, the founder of Andrew Moszczyński Institute, in his lectures. The companies he has created and transformed are leaders in their fields.

After 30 years of career, he has decided to share his knowledge of what being an effective entrepreneur means.

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