Andrew Moszczynski Real Estate

Andrew Moszczynski Real Estate is an experienced team of professionals in the field of marketing and sales in the real estate industry. Since 2020, we have focused on selling exclusive projects from around the world to a selected group of customers. Our offer includes projects from the following sectors: condo, islands, hotels, apartments, houses.

In the years 2005–2015, we comprehensively handled residential and office development projects in the scope of preparing specifications for launching the offer on the market, planning marketing activities and comprehensive sales process under developers’ brands.

The effectiveness of commercial activities combined with experience allowed us to offer a unique cooperation model. It brought measurable benefits to investors in the form of smooth sales of projects, minimization of costs related to sales and marketing support, as well as maximization of revenues and profitability from development investments.

We are proud of successfully completed projects with our participation, such as: the prestigious Belweder housing estate (Olsztyn, 456 flats), the revitalized complex Browary Park, where previously there were Olsztyn breweries (Olsztyn, 215 flats and service premises), the building of the old brewhouse (14 lofts and premises) , Premium Kopernik Park housing estate (111 apartments and commercial premises and an office building in the heart of Olsztyn), Willa Bulwar apartment building on the shores of Lake Drweckie (27 apartments) and Versal housing estate (162 apartments and commercial premises completed in Olsztyn on the shores of Lake Kortowskie). These projects were carried out by our company on an exclusive basis. In total, we sold over a thousand apartments in cooperation with 3 developers.

We also have a team of experts in investment in condo hotels. As a team of advisers, we were the first, together with our partners, who successfully implemented this increasingly popular investment model on the Polish market.

Extensive knowledge in the field of condo hotels, a team of experienced sales representatives and a nationwide sales network are unique assets. We have successfully participated in such projects as: Willa Port Residences, Hotel **** Willa Port Conference Resort & Spa, Hotel **** Platinum and Hotel Plaza.

In total, we have participated in the sale of 350 hotel apartments.

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